do life insurance companies test for THC after you die

Will Life Insurance Companies Test for THC After Death?

The short answer is sometimes. For the most part, it’s unlikely a life insurance company will test for THC after death. If the medical examiner performs an autopsy on your body, there will always be a toxicology report. Toxicology reports screen for drugs, including THC. This doesn’t happen to everyone. If you die of natural…
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lying on a life insurance application

Lying On A Life Insurance Application – What Happens?

White lies solve so many problems in life. As kids, we figure out that rather than admitting to that thing you did wrong, you can sometimes get out of trouble if you lie about it. It doesn’t work every time, but getting out of trouble 30% of the time is still better than getting in…
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life insurance health ratings

Life Insurance Health Ratings & How They Affect Price

Life insurance companies like to group people into neat little boxes. They charge each little box different rates for their life insurance policies. They call these boxes life insurance health ratings. You can also find them as life insurance rate classes or life insurance risk class.   Your health, your parents, your siblings, and your…
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denied for life insurance because of drug use

Denied For Life Insurance Because Of Drug Use? (Do This)

Life insurance companies routinely drug test as part of the life insurance medical exam. Plus, they test for virtually everything. Regardless of what you take, you still run the risk of getting denied for life insurance because of drug use.   The good news is that this does not mean you are barred from life…
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life insurance medical exam

How to Pass the Life Insurance Medical Exam (15 Tips)

You just scheduled your life insurance medical exam. It’s a week or two away so you think you have some time to prepare to get the best rates possible.   This is a great plan. There are not a lot of things you can do in a week to change your rates from standard to…
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how THC affects life insurance

How THC Impacts Life Insurance Rates [Definitive Guide]

The use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana is more popular than ever. More and more states have or are in the process of passing legislation which allows the legal use of either medical or recreational marijuana. The question of how THC impacts life insurance is becoming increasingly common across the nation. Yet many life…
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buy-sell life insurance marijuana business owner

How to Get Buy-Sell Life Insurance with a Marijuana Business

It’s dangerous to skip making a buy-sell agreement in place when you have two or more business owners. Buy-sell life insurance can help fund an extra layer of protection for your business. Why is this important? Buy-sell life insurance for both or all owners will ensure the successful transfer of ownership if one of the…
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collateral assignment of life insurance marijuana business owner

Collateral Assignment of Life Insurance Money: Cannabis Business

Whether you are a sole proprietor or have partners, the majority of lenders or investors require that you have a business loan life insurance policy in place before they approve your loan. This is commonly called collateral assignment of life insurance. Many people overlook the requirement for collateral assignment of life insurance until the last…
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enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique for marijuana

The Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique Test for THC

The enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT) test is one of the most common types of drug tests for life insurance companies. It’s also the most common drug test companies use on their employees. Also known as the EMIT test, this is just one of many drug tests in use today. Although it is the most…
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